A downloadable game for Android

This is a local multiplayer game, played over WiFi. You cooperate with your team mates to fix the body you share! Give each other instructions if you cant do it yourself. Collaborate and survive!

Install instructions

1. Download and install the apk.

2. Make sure you and your friend  are both on the same local Wi-Fi.

3. Launch the game.

4. Press start and it will start loading while finding other players around.

5. All players will end up in a waiting room. press go which indicates you are ready and your player will turn green.

6. When all the players git go the game will start.

7. You all will start receiving instructions but not necessarily you have the button on your screen to complete the task, so you must ask your friends to do so.

8. Just keep on collaborating to complete the game.


ImmuneInside_v1.0.apk 22 MB

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